Submission by Kristiina Vuorensivu - November 7, 2021

Jari Pekka Vuorensivu was born on October 21, 1950
 in Kauhava, Finland to Vilho & Terttu. On July 16, 2020, Jari passed away, due to medical complications brought on by a sudden stroke. 

In 1965, then a teenager, Jari moved to Canada with his immigrant family, mom, dad and brothers Raimo, Markku and Marianne. In 1969, youngest sister Kristiina was born in Vancouver, where the family had settled, after living in Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.  

Jari was the kind of person who worked tirelessly to help people, particularly his family members. He was the kind of brother that showed up to do whatever was needed & to figure out any problem together, and the kind of uncle that made his nieces and nephews feel special; always listening to whatever they were excited to talk about.  He has left a big hole in our hearts. Jari was a dutiful son to his aging father and a loving husband and father to his wife Seija and daughter Mira.

Jari went to BCIT and became an expert at drafting. He drew up blueprints for many Vuorensivu family homes over the years, still standing in Burnaby.

Jari was a driven entrepeneur who worked most of his life carving his path in design, construction and related fields, including running his own construction company, "Mountainside" Construction. Jari was also the local Eco-Block distributor, working for a greener tomorrow in building materials. He was very involved in the Finnish Canadian community, as a former board member of the Emmaus Lutheran Church, and serving as president of the board of directors of the Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association for 9 years (FCRHA). Following his official tenure at the FCRHA, he upgraded many seniors residences.  His last major project was actualized in 2020, after years of hard work & challenges; the "Koskela project", which provided 67 units of affordable seniors housing in Coquitlam. 

Jari enjoyed working on cars, action movies, listening to music and spending time with his family and friends. He relished travelling, and got to see many parts of the world. Recently, he had the opportunity to travel to Africa twice with friends, and being a Finn at heart, he spent many summers in Finland visiting family and enjoying saunas by the lake. 



10330 - 144 Street
Surrey, BC   V3T 4V3