Is the COVID vaccine the mark of the beast?

Do you have questions about whether or not you should take the COVID-19 vaccine as a Christian? Concerned about social media posts that link the vaccine to the sign of the anti-Christ? To help you navigate these and other questions, we are sharing these short videos from a helpful website developed by several churches and Christian organizations, in partnership with the U.S. National Association of Evangelicals. 

While respecting that these are personal choices that no one can make for you, we encourage Cedar Grove members seeking Biblical guidance to use this resource in making their own informed and Scripture-based decisions about the vaccine and COVID.

The Bible vs. Science?

Common evangelical concerns addressed by Christian scientist and one of the world’s top experts on the COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Francis Collins (8:42 mins.)


Ethics of rolling up your sleeve

Questions about the Biblical morality of taking the COVID vaccine, answered by Christian ethics expert Dr. Jim Denison (5:03 mins.)


Jesus and the vaccine

An evangelical pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, explains how the example of Jesus can help church members make decisions about the vaccines (6.52 mins.)


COVID, politics and the Bible

Bible teacher and former pastor Dr. Curtis Chang tackles issues such as whether the vaccine is a form of government control, how Christians should respond to COVID restrictions, and why taking the vaccine is a way to serve others (9:45 mins)


Pro-life, pro-vaccine

Bible teacher and former pastor Dr. Curtis Chang looks into whether it’s Biblically consistent to be against abortion and still take the vaccine (12:58 mins)


Discerning fake COVID information

Bible teacher and former pastor Dr. Curtis Chang explains how Christians can spot fake news about the vaccine. (8:07 mins)


Sign of the beast?

Bible teacher and former pastor Dr. Curtis Chang considers whether the vaccine is the mark of the beast described in the Book of Revelation (18:07)