Bob BradshawBob Bradshaw was a long-time member of Cedar Grove Baptist Church. In fact, he and his family joined the church a few years after it was founded and was known then as Ellendale Heights Baptist Church.

In the 1990s, Bob started writing a weekly devotional which was shared with many people and was also available on the church website. Bob wrote new devotionals for a number of years until his health declined to the point where he could no longer continue. Now these devotionals are being made available on the website for you to read and enjoy once more, or perhaps for the first time.


November   December
Psalm 34: Looking At Life From The Cave   Psalm 46: A Mighty Fortress
Psalm 33: A Musical Manifesto   Psalm 45: Here Comes the Bridegroom
Psalm 32: Forgiven and Forgiving   Psalm 40: Looking Up From Down Under
Psalm 29-30: Paean of Praise, Testimony of Thanks   Psalm 39: The Brevity of Life
    Psalm 37: Cry of a Fretful Follower
September   October
 Psalm 16: Hope Beyond The Grave     Psalm 23: My Guide and Protector
 Psalm 15: A Man After God's Heart    Psalm 19: God's World and God's Word
Psalm 13: The God Who Never Forgets    Psalm 18: 25-36 Upward Escape
Psalm 12: Changeless Truth    Psalm 18: Past Conquest, Future Confidence
Psalm 9: Let's Just Praise The Lord    
July   August
Esther: From Orphan To Queen   The Darkest Hour of the Day
Job: Faith in Times of Plenty and Loss   Life's Greatest Gift
Walking and Talking with God   Unanswered Prayer
The Secret of Happiness   A Cure For The Blues
 May   June
Psalm 95:  A Reason For Singing  
Psalm 98:  A Joyful Noise   Elisha’s Miraculous Ministry
Psalm 100:  Joy in the Court of the King  
David’s Reign over a United Kingdom  
March        April
Psalm 62:  When all Else Fails, Wait                   Psalm 75:  Thanks for the Memories
Psalm 68:  Your Burden Bearer   Psalm 78:  Warmth for a Cold Heart
Psalm 71:  Purpose in Old Age   Psalm 84:  Practicing God's Presence
Psalm 72:  An Earth Full of Glory    Psalm 85:  Revive Us Again
    Psalm 93:  Everything Under Control
January   February
Psalm 49:  The Only Real Hope   Psalm 56:  A Bottle Full of Tears
Psalm 50:  Sunday Saints on Trial   Psalm 59:  Prayer While Being Pursued
Psalm 51:  A King's Cry for Cleansing   Psalm 60:  Good News and Bad News
Psalm 55:  A Link of Faith   Psalm 61:  The Rock Higher than I


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