Research shows that only about 1% of leaders are “legacy leaders” – those selfless individuals who have a burden to create a successful ministry that will last beyond their lifetime. The privilege of all adults is to live to leave a godly, inspiring legacy to following generations.

Legacy, in this context, refers to the ministries that continue on for PrimeTimers as they move into this older stage of life. Some will readily continue involvement in PrimeTime ministry activities. Others may no longer be able to do so due to health, energy or aging considerations. Generational Ministries continues in place for them so that they will feel supported, befriended and not become isolated. At the same time, all have the challenge of creating a legacy in the lives of others that will outlive themselves.

The At-Home Ministry is focused on those who are not able to attend church-based functions and activities. It is our intent to maintain a personal contact with adult church mem­bers and adherents who can no longer come to the church building. Also, we want to purposely engage older adults in the community who are open to contact from us and from the ministries we can offer them. We know God loves us and believe no one should be forgotten by His church! This ministry is committed to continuing care and contact for them.

Our Ministry includes:

  • The At-Home Ministry aims to visit homebound adults at least once each quarter to maintain church-based friendships and to help the homebound to continue some affiliation with the congregation.
  • Visits include fellowship, Bible study, prayer, worship, evangelism and encouraging conversations.
  • Encouragement of the homebound to participate in small group activities as they are able, while making sure that their needs can be met.
  • Hospital visitation

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