Intermediate Student Resources

The intermediate class follows a new curriculum entitled "From the Beginning to the End".  


Audio files 

You can find audio (mp3) versions of the readings to download at this link.  These can be copied to your computer, iPod or MP3 player.


Video files. 

The video files allow you to listen along while you read.   The videos are available for download should you desire to view off-line.

Lesson 1 - God Created the First People

Lesson 2 - The First People Disobeyed God

Lesson 3 - God Destroyed with a Flood

Lesson 4 - God Chose Abraham

Lesson 5 - Jesus Was Born

Lesson 7 - Jesus Healed Many People

Lesson 8 - Jesus Taught About Life

Lesson 9 - God Raised Jesus Back to Life

Lesson 10 - The Good News About Jesus