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Our Cedar Grove Life Groups are a place to get connected with other believers in a small, informal group.  This group of people who know you and whom you get to know closely is “the church” in action!  It is our hope that everyone at Cedar Grove would find a Life Group they can share with and feel loved by.  Being part of a small group helps everyone feel connected within the larger body of Cedar Grove.

We believe God meets us in our Life Groups in life transforming ways.  We are ever in awe at how people’s lives are forever changed through the constant and rich care they receive in their Life Group.  People may change subtly over time or dramatically, seemingly in the duration of just one meeting together.  We know that God intended all of us to experience ‘togetherness’ and that He put ‘the lonely into families.’  That is exactly what Life groups offer: a place where people feel they belong; where they experience ‘family’ at some level.  Granted, not everyone in your group will end up being a best friend or family friend, but you will have opportunity to rub shoulders with people you normally would not have come to know.  As you participate in a Life Group keep an open mind and open spirit as God does a sovereign work in yourself as well as in those around you.  Determine to make your life group a priority in prayer, commitment and attendance. See how God is going to work through you and in you this year.

GET LIFE!  At Cedar Grove we believe real LIFE change and lasting growth happens best in community. Transformation takes place!  God never intended for us to do life alone.  Perhaps that's why He put each one of us in a family to learn, grow and mature.  We believe the same applies to our spiritual growth. We invite you to join us on the journey.

While we do try our best to make our Sunday mornings intimate and relationally meaningful, most people won't really feel connected and part of our church family until they join a LIFE GROUP.

Life Groups at Cedar Grove are more than just another church program. They are "the church" in its simplest form and the primary means through which we extend pastoral care. Joining a LIFE group will give you a safe place and opportunity to express your concerns, share your needs and interact with others who can help you in your journey.

  • Life Groups are the heart of our small group ministry and provide the long term spiritual and relational care we believe Christ-followers need to grow in their faith.  Each week these groups of 8-12 people meet in homes or other settings to share life journeys, interact with God's Word as they discuss that week’s sermon-based study, and to experience a deeper sense of connection through community.  These groups are also intended to lead people towards full devotion to Jesus Christ, servanthood and passion to reach out to others. Many of these groups have openings for you to join on a day/evening which suits you best and a theme of your interest.
  • Special Interest Groups focus on a specific topic or theme for a 6 - 12 week period of time and bring together those interested in that theme.  These groups often turn into a LIFE group or they disband once the topic is finished.
  • Ministry Groups are comprised of those in a specific ministry area [ie worship, women's ministry team] who've committed themselves to accountability and caring for each other. Bible studies are usually focused around their area of ministry.

Life Groups are for YOU!  Join one if you have not already done so and begin your life transformation now!

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