Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me ..."

Matthew 19:14

Here at Kids@TheGrove we lead children to:

Love God & others by

Worshipping God, spending quality time with Him, obeying His commandments and sharing their faith in Jesus

Grow in their Personal Relationships with Christ Jesus by

Deciding to make Jesus the Lord of their lives, reading God’s word, praying to God individually and as a family, and seeking ways to follow Jesus in their daily lives and activities.

Belong in the family of God by

Serving the church and their community, having fun and building relationships, growing closer to each other by the unity of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday 10 am - 11:30 am

Except for Family of God Sundays - on the last Sunday of the month all children will join their parents in the Worship Centre.


The focus of the Playhouse is to provide a nurturing environment where children learn about the character of our loving God.


Kindergarten to Grade 5
Pursuing Excellence and Affirming our Kids.
The PEAK is a training ground in which children are provided opportunities to GROW in relationship with their Saviour, Jesus Christ

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