Galindez's New Journey

There is a time for everything ... Ecclesiastes 3:1a

This is a bittersweet, but also joyful announcement as we share that by His grace and sovereignty, the new chapter in the life and ministry of our beloved Pastor Rico and Tess Galindez. Sadness to know that for a time Pastor Rico will no longer be serving as Cedar Grove's primary Worship Pastor as he and Tess have so faithfully done over the last two plus decades, but also a joy to see a story more beautiful than any of us could have dreamed the Lord writing for their lives and us a church.

In the heart of deep and generous collaboration and Kingdom perspective, Pastor Rico and Tess will be splitting their time for a season between Cedar Grove Church and Oxford Hill Church in White Rock. In 2024, his primary focus at Cedar Grove will be directing and overseeing Freedom Session in addition to handing the torch on to the next generation. You'll still see them here once a month leading worship as we transition, so do send your love and appreciation! Pastor Rico will be coming on staff part time at Oxford Hill as of February 1st as their new lead Pastor of Worship as they continue to be faithful to their call, raising up leaders and cultivating a heart of worship for our Lord's glory!

You can see the video announcement from this past Sunday below: